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About the Company

Lichtgitter GmbH was established in 1929, in order to fulfill the specialized manufacturing needs and requirements for gratings. Continuous performance and quality development, innovation in manufacturing techniques, and a progressive market driven spirit of business development have ensured Lichtgitter’s place among the leading manufacturers of gratings, perforated metal planks, and spiral staircases worldwide.

With grating having so many different application potentials, our customers continue to provide new challenges and opportunities for us every day. To meet the growing demands of our international customer base, Lichtgitter has grown our locations to include 28 subsidiaries in seven countries. This has been the driving factor for this family owned company to create a global network of manufacturing, distribution and fabrication facilities.

Our most recent expansion into North America began in Houston, Texas. This facility will enable Lichtgitter to provide a domestic product offering in one of the largest grating markets in the world and allow Lichtgitter to continue our core philosophy to provide quality grating products with the shortest delivery times and provide our clients with access to a world class single source grating solutions provider. Production procedures and machines (many protected by patent) were specially designed for the Lichtgitter production process. Gratings for normal and special loadings are produced with highly integrated welding and fabrication processes which require a high level of technical expertise. The manufacturing processes cover gratings and perforated metal planks fabricated from steel, stainless steel and aluminum which use electro forging, punching, or mechanical locking processes to make a rigid panel that allows light, air, sound, heat, and water to travel between multilevel structures.

Our product range allows countless applications for platforms and walkways, storage racking, security fencing, façade gratings, sun screens, ceiling tiles and lighting fixtures and patterns, serving the industrial market as well as architectural and aesthetic purposes. Apart from the production of our standard panels and gratings, special and custom-made gratings and perforated metal planks constitute a permanent and welcome challenge to our professional staff. Lichtgitter USA is committed to carry forward Lichtgitter’s long and ongoing story of success by meeting and maintaining consistently high standards and ensuring the best quality possible for our customers, just as the company has for now over 80 years.



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