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LICHTGITTER Stadium Systems
Our fans stand behind it

Our modular stadium & grandstand systems combine the advantages of concrete and scaffolding in the most unique manner thus opening up new dimensions for both temporary and permanent event architecture at economically attractive terms. Lichtgitter stadium and grandstand systems not only feature an extremely quick assembly and disassembly but also an impressive appearance.

Many successful practical references, such as the extension of the Austrian stadiums for the EC 2008 speak for themselves.

Reduced labor time, highly economical
  • Short planning and production times thanks to modular design

  • Quick installation through ingenious fittings for all structures; immediate usability

  • Good adaptability to components provided by costumer

Non-sensitive and resistant
  • High weathering and corrosion resistance

  • Non-flammable

  • Resistant to vandalism

Temporarily or permanently
  • Full disassembly and reusability

  • Low recycling costs

  • Long service life and stable value

Sophisticated technology
  • Static benefits from optimum cross sections

  • Up to 196 7/8" span at 0.056 ton-force/ 115.82ft² load possible

  • Very small deformations through integrated risers

  • Statically-suitable fasteners for each substructure

  • Low coating weight, resulting in lower foundation forces

  • Closed or open walking and standing areas available

  • High slip resistance and structural stability

  • optional risers prevent objects from falling through

Easy care and cleaning
  • Good cleaning options with popular devices, such as pressure washers, steam cleaners, sweepers, etc.

  • Not sensitive to food residues


T: 844 548 7911
F: 844 548 7911

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