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LICHTGITTER Ceiling Coverings
Competence in the best light

In areas where ceilings in modern halls, auditoriums or other architecturally challenging spaces of all types and sizes need to be designed more effectively, Lichtgitter ceiling panels of various materials are an economical and at the same time, appealing, decorative construction element.

  • Air permeability: The air can circulate freely. The entire room volume is used for ventilation.

  • Light permeability: Favorable dispersion of the reflection allows a glare-free, optimal room illumination.

  • Dust permeability: Dirt cannot accumulate, therefore very little maintenance is required.

  • Sound absorption: Through the right choice of surfaces, the acoustic waves can be diffusely reflected. The consequence is a reduction in noise levels.

  • Lightweight: No overload of the ceiling construction.

  • No electrostatic charge.

  • Lichtgitter ceiling panels cannot pose a fire hazard.

  • Attractive structure forms: The architect has almost unlimited design possibilities.

  • Wide range of colors and finishes: Lichtgitter ceiling panels are manufactured rough, galvanized, anodized, stove enameled or powder-coated in all RAL- and special colors.


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