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Welded gratings

Continuous development at Lichtgitter has resulted in the most modern and advanced manufacturing facilities, ensuring that the quality and accuracy of our welded grating products is of the highest standard possible. 

  • Absorption of high horizontal forces by pressing and welding of all intersectional points

  • High resistance

  • High bearing capacity, since bearing bars are not weakened by welding of cross bars

  • Good torsional rigidity even with subsequently introduced cut-outs - maintenance of the homogenous unit 

  • Increased step security through twisted cross bars


The welding process involves that the loadbearing bars are not weakened and the twisted or round cross bars are, under high pressure, pressed simultaneously in a single operation and fully welded electrically.

Cut resistance

The special design features of these gratings make them unsurpassed in torsion and cut resistance.


Lichtgitter welded gratings are edged in crossbar direction with banding bars that have two ribs along their length, ensuring that each load bar is twice welded to the edge bar, giving a safe and neat appearance to the grating panels.

Standard gratings

Welded gratings are particularly suited for platforms, landings and walkways in plants of all kinds. They are characterized by a particularly high load capacity and a good torsional rigidity.

Heavy duty gratings

Welded gratings are particularly suitable as heavy duty grating. By pressing and welding to form a homogenous unit of all intersection points, high shear forces can be absorbed. Depending on static or dynamic loading, heavy-duty gratings can be provided for many applications depending on the clear span. We recommend that you allow our experienced structural engineers, who are familiar with the product, to calculate special load cases.

Anti-slip gratings

Welded gratings in anti-slip design are used in areas where there is a likelihood of an increased risk of slipping. To counter this risk, all bearing bars are punched on the upper side in a special process. 

Special gratings

The latest generation of production machines allows Lichtgitter to provide gratings with bearing bars and cross bar pitches to meet all international standards and special requirements. Almost any combination of aperture size can be accommodated to offer a solution for the customers' needs.


Stair treads made of welded gratings consist of a specially shaped and perforated nosing, a tread made of welded grating and perforated side panels. All stair treads are welded in special plants using the MAG process. The latest welding robots assist in this process. This production method guarantees a custom-fit size accuracy of the treads. To facilitate on-site-assembly, the end plates are provided with a plain hole and a slotted hole on each side. Perforated nosings increase the sustainability of stair treads and specifically mark the front edge visually, thereby contributing significantly to the safe use of a staircase.

Special designs
Offshore gratings

Lichtgitter offshore gratings have been specially developed for the use on offshore platforms. In addition, round bars welded in bearing bar direction minimize the given bearing bar pitch, so that the falling through of a test ball having a diameter of 0.59" is prevented.


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