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LICHTGITTER - Façade coverings
Competence in the best light

In today's architecture, metal and glass façades are gaining more and more importance. However, to draw attention to a mundane, functional building, many planners and architects opt for the use of a grating façade. The many options in the choice of bearing bars, the selection of mesh spacing and material, as well as surface treatment enable almost infinite variations which make it possible for planners to emphasize their own features in the object they are building.

Sun shade

To be able to use gratings as a rigid sunshade, the height of the load bearing or lateral rods and their distances to each other is crucial. Depending on the orientation of the building, excellent sun protection results can be achieved with the right choice of gratings.

Walkway/ Escape routes

For such applications, gratings are dimensioned to be accessible, e.g. to make an access for window and façade clearing possible. In addition, this kind of flooring can be used as an escape route with the corresponding dimensions in emergency situations.

Design element

Façade gratings offer design possibilities for building fronts. They are decorative and stand out with their unique look. With the correct choice of material and /or surface treatment, façade gratings are well protected against corrosion, even under extreme atmospheric conditions.

Easy installation

Façade gratings can be clamped from cantilever to cantilever or from the building to the profile on the opposite side. When installing the cantilevers, it must be ensured that the distance from cantilever to cantilever does not exceed 94 1/2" for economic reasons.

Facade grating types

Lichtgitter press-locked gratings are primarily used as façade gratings in addition to FRP gratings and perforated metal planks. They can be manufactured in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Surface treatments can include galvanizing, powder-coating, pickling, electrochemical polishing or anodizing depending on the material use.


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