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Press-locked gratings

Apart from the use in the industrial and construction sector, Lichtgitter gratings are also increasingly used in architectural applications. Press-locked gratings are manufactured from steel, stainless steel and aluminum. On our flexible production plants, we can manufacture the most varied press-welded grating types.

  • Good light and air permeability

  • Countless applications

  • High load capacity at low weight

  • More than 3,500 different press-locked grating variants

  • Various materials possible


In specially slotted bearing bars, stable cross bars are inserted. The high pressure and the slit formation of the bearing bars guarantee a secure connection, so that the Lichtgitter press-locked grating achieves a warp-resistant structure.

Production sizes

Gratings are manufactured in all desired construction heights and thicknesses on the market. In the cross bar direction, the production size should by default not exceed 63". In exceptional cases, a larger cross bar size is possible in some grating types.


The maximum bearing bars are 2” x 0.12”, bearing bars longer than 2” x 0.16” are edged with flat material as standard. The bearing bar spacing ranges from 1-5/16” (21 space) to 7/16” (7 space).

Standard gratings

Press-locked gratings are particularly suited for platforms, landings and walkways in plants of all kinds. They are characterized by a particularly high load bearing capacity and a good torsional rigidity. In addition, press-locked gratings are especially used in the architectural sector and for projects in which a sophisticated aesthetic is paramount. The production method ensures that, with the same size of individual dimensions, the end meshes of the same size are produced. As a result, bearing and cross bars are flush with adjacent grating, resulting in a very homogeneous picture.

Heavy duty gratings

Press-welded gratings are particularly suitable as heavy-duty gratings. Depending on static or dynamic loading, heavy-duty gratings can be manufactured for many applications, depending on the clear span. As a rule, individual loads according to NAAMM are to be applied to such loads. We recommend that you allow our experienced structural engineers who are familiar with the product, to calculate special load cases.

Anti-slip gratings

Press-locked gratings in anti-slip design are used in areas with a likelihood of an increased risk of slipping. To counter this risk, all bearing and/or cross bars are punched on the upper side in a special process through a variety of shaping options which have been confirmed by type approval testing for various types of gratings

Narrow-pitch gratings

Narrow pitch press-locked gratings are especially suitable as floor covering, e.g. in front of doorways, in pedestrian areas or in public areas. Since, in those areas, people are expected to wear standard as well as high-heeled shoes, safe walking can only be ensured by using a narrow-pitch grating.


Stair treads consisting of press-locked grating are manufactured in accordance with NAAMM or based on this standard. They consist of a specially shaped and perforated nosing, a tread made of press-locked gratings and perforated side panels. All stair treads are welded in special plants using the MAG process on the most modern welding robots. This production method guarantees a custom-fit size accuracy of the treads. To facilitate the on-site assembly, the end plates are provided with a plain hole and a slotted hole on each side. Perforated nosing edges increase the bearing capacity of the stair treads and significantly contribute to a safe footing on staircases.

Special designs
Shelf gratings

We can offer our proven gratings in virtually any design required for the shelving area. Especially in the shelf area, press-locked gratings provide the right solution for any installation situation - whether standard gratings, gratings with deep banding bars for fixation, cut-outs in the support area or with angle brackets, the advantages of gratings are unbeatable.


The large open cross section achieves an outstanding sprinkler suitability which leads to a significant reduction in construction costs when concepting an extinguishing system. In addition, a very low or non-existent fire load is expected when using steel.

a) with angle brackets
b) with deep banding bar
c) with cut-outs
d) with cut-outs and deep binding bar
Egg crate gratings
As decorative or functional design elements such as ceiling panels, handrail infill or sun protection, so-called egg crate gratings are particularly useful, i.e. press-locked gratings in which all bearing bars and cross bars have the same height. Egg crate gratings are generally manufactured in a material thickness of 1/16" and 1/8" up to a maximum height of 3 15/16" with various mesh pitches.
Sun shade gratings
Lichtgitter sun shade gratings are a modern and versatile design element. The impact of the sun protection is determined by the amount of bearing bars running parallel to the building and the distance between them. This relationship between the mesh size and bearing bar height gives information about the sun protection of the grating. Particularly high protection is achieved when an angle of approx. 60° is reached compared to an imaginary horizontal line. For a sufficient bearing capacity, constructive cantilevers are required, depending on the grating dimensions and the load.

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