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1929 - 1959

1929: Lichtgitter GmbH is founded by an English entrepeneur in 1929 as a company specializing in the production of gratings.

Searching for a suitable production site for his business idea to develop floor coverings which are permeable to light and that allow dirt and grime to fall through, he is alerted to an empty production facility in Stadtlohn, which belongs to the Martin family.

The initial focus is on the production of patented welding gratings with honeycombed mesh. 

1945: Complete destruction of the production facility during World War II. The reconstruction takes place over the following years.

1955: Dr. Hans Martin acquires the company and initially continues with the production of welding racks type A and B.

1956: The production expands, the manufacture of plug grating is added.

1960 - 1979

1960/61: In 1961, the improved construction of press-locked gratings was added to the production and has since become a fixed element.

1966: Start of the production of welded grating. This technique, developed largely by the Lichtgitter GmbH brought the mainly automated production of welded grating products to a new level of development.
In the same year, the production of plug grating is discontinued.

1976/77: Construction of a new and bigger office building.

1978: Two production lines for the production of rectangular or square press-locked gratings are now available.

Lichtgitter GmbH is awarded in the federal competition "Industry in urban development".


1980 - 1989

1980: Founding of Le Caillebotis Diamond S.A. in France.

1981: Introduction of a fully integrated CAD system as one of the first companies in North Rhine Westphalia.


1982: Use of the first welding robots in manufacturing.

1983: Dr. Hans Martin is awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.

1986: Acquisition of parts of the Steel plant in Sulz a.N., expansion and rounding off of the product portfolio by adding perforated metal planks.

Founding of the galvanizing plant in Sulz GmbH.


1990 - 2000

1990: Founding of Lichtgitter U.K. Ltd. in Great Britain.

1991: Expansion of the product portfolio by FRP products.

1993: Opening of the production facility in Blumberg with emphasis on spiral staircases including a grating service center.
Founding of Lichtgitter CZ spol. s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.
Founding of the joint venture Lichtgitter A. Ruppli AG in Switzerland.

1994: The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9002.

1997: Opening of the CSE Cailebotis Service de l'Est Service Center in France.
Interest in the Stegerud Steel AB in Sweden. 

2000: The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


2001 - 2018

2001: Commissioning of the most modern hot dip galvanizing plant in Europe at the site of the main factory in Stadtlohn


2004: Commissioning of the splitting plant.

Construction of steel service center.

2007: Founding of Lichtgitter Tuerkije Izgara A.S. in Turkey.

2008: Formation of the joint venture in Doha, Qatar (Doha Grating & Metal Works W.L.L.)

2009: Founding of WiRoPa - a company of the Lichtgitter Group, specializing in XXL dimensions in the fields of forming, laser- and plasma-cutting.

New construction of the galvanizing plant in Sulz.

2010: Expansion of the product portfolio by tailor made chequer plates.

2013: Commissioning of the most modern galvanizing plant in Europe (Verzinkerei Heek GmbH & Co. KG).

Founding of the LD Coating GmbH & Co. KG Services: Powder coating. 

2017: Founding of the first Northern American facility in Houston, Texas.


Tel +1 (844) 548 - 7911
Fax +1 (844) 548 - 7911

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