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Parking Garage Cladding

Especially in the parking garage area, the use of gratings is an economical and efficient solution. Gratings give parking garages an architecturally rather closed-in looking building casing, which, due to its large geometric open cross section, provides both for good ventilation of the parking levels as well as reasonable lighting. The concepts of such gratings range from "simple", wind-loaded elements to impact protection for vehicles, where we can also satisfy special requirements such as bird protection, by the individual design of the mesh spacing.

  • Larger cross section = smaller dimensioning, if necessary, forgoing of a SHE system

  • Lower wind loads and thus more cost savings with open facades

  • Light- and air-permeable

  • Small contact surface for sprayers and vandalism = low maintenance costs

  • Individual solutions for special requirements (e.g. birds, impact protection, wind protection, etc.)

  • Optimum burglary protection resistance through high cut- and torsion-rigidity

  • Different designs


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