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Pallet racking made of perforated metal planks

Our pallets made of perforated metal planks carry out multiple tasks simultaneously when used as components of a racking system. For this reason, e.g. we only need two components for one cantilever rack, namely uprights and shelves. With conventional types, you have a total of 3 components with stands, crossbars and coverings.

Bridging big support distances

Tremendous optimization possibilities leading to saving potentials arise particularly with cantilever racks. Support distances can be easily bridged depending on the load capacity, in specific cases of up to 70 7/8", if necessary also in greater lengths.

Considerable production lengths

Through targeted investments in the newest generation of roll formers, we are now able to manufacture perforated metal planks with a length of up to 393 11/16".

Extremely fast mounting

The large shelf discs of e.g. 47 1/4" x 275 9/16" are secured to the stands only at the 4 corners with interlocking laser edge parts against lifting. This results in lower mounting costs and savings on fastening materials.

Safely placed

Through the great length of the shelving over 3 or 4 spans, it is almost impossible for the stored goods to get stuck or lifted up and levered out due to adhesion forces or traction.

The most varied designs

Perforated metal planks can be manufactured in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Varied designs result from the numerous options with respect to the surface treatment and structure.

Light and water permeable

Perforated metal planks offer a significantly higher light and water permeability in contrast to particle board as shelving. An open cross section of up to 50% can be achieved by the various surface structures.

Statistic characteristics

The shelves made of steel profiles have four statically convincing advantages:

1. Absorption of heavy vertical capacities. Here, almost all common shelf loads and distributed load capacities are possible.

2. Use as additional multi-span support (3 or 4 span support) more static advantages from 10 - 17% result. A static disc (e.g. 47 1/4" x 275 9/16") results from the fastening of the perforated metal planks.

3. A shear rigidity results through form and traction which makes the otherwise needed horizontal connections unnecessary with the correct connection to the cantilevers. 

4. The material thickness (0.04 - 0.08")  can be statically adjusted exactly to the load capacity with the appropriate quantity following the motto "Lower weight - lower price".


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