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Pallet rack decking

Whether gratings with mounting brackets, slide-through guards or haunches, with the wide range of different grating types, we can offer the right product for each shelving sector installation situation. Lichtgitter wants to provide our customers with a high level of efficiency, putting great focus on the optimization of our products in order to offer you the ideal solution for your project.


  • offering the right solution for every installation situation 

  • large selection of different grating types

  • higher fire safety

  • sprinkler suitability

  • light and water permeability

  • direct locking of the gratings

  • high flexibility in product planning

  • generally no need for additional fixing material

  • optimal utilization of height

Gratings with angle brackets (Z-profile)
Gratings with back stop
Gratings with deep binding bar
Gratings with ZU-profile
Gratings with cut-outs and deep banding bar
Gratings with sliding protection

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